About Us

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Natick Fire Department is to provide the citizens of our community with quality, professional emergency fire control, emergency medical care, disaster mitigation, life rescue, and day to day service response.

All personnel associated with this agency maintain a commitment to excellence by optimizing educational opportunities, striving to employ the most up-to-date technologies, techniques and equipment, and manifesting a belief within ourselves that all persons who require our services must be responded to in the most timely manner and with the greatest degree of respect and dignity.

Our History

On March 2, 1925 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts accepted the Town of Natick Fire Department into the Civil Service Division. It was as of this point that a full-time, career fire department began. Since then, the Natick Fire Department has grown into a highly trained and motivated department.

In 1935, Natick Fire began providing the ambulance service to the town and has continued to do so with pride everyday since. On July 3, 1967, the department became a member of the AFL-CIO, International Association of FireFighters (IAFF), Local 1707.

In the 1970's the firefighters became certified EMT-Basic level, and then some became EMT-Intermediates in the 1980's. During the 90's, Natick's Dive Rescue Team was established to provide water rescues in the town's many bodies of water.

In 2001, the Town of Natick passed the first opperational override in it's history to increase the level of care on the ambulance once again. It was at this time the department hired EMT-Paramedics to provide Advanced Life Support.  With the development of the Natick Mall into what is now known as the Natick Collection, the town developed and trained a Technical Rescue Team to provide specialized rescue in peculiar situations.

Currently the Natick Fire Department, Local 1707 has 80 members and continues to respond to over 4,000 emergencies a year.

Union Officers
President Dan Hartwell
Vice President Mike Quilty
Secretary Doug Farquharson
Treasurer Rocco Franciose
Shift 1 Delegate Matt Mullen
Shift 2 Delegate Brian Linton  
Shift 3 Delegate Gigi Lee
Shift 4 Delegate Chris Wozny
Delegate At Large Ian Chamberlain